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Pulse Plating of functional alloys: Nickel-Cobalt

Capability profile:

  • Pulse Plating of capable functional layers
  • Dens, pore-free and corrosion stable alloy layers
  • Superb deposit homogeneity due to a high throwing power even at complexly shaped parts
  • Hard layers with a good control of the residual stress without the co-deposition of sulphur
  • Industrially proofed process in several applications for electronic, aeronautical and aerospace use
  • Further functionalizing by combination with dispersion coating possible


  • Production of dense, stress free alloy layers using pulse plating
  • Suitable for all substrate dimensions: from micro-systems to heavy machine parts
  • High corrosion stability (significant increase in comparison to pure nickel alyers)
  • Controlling your alloy composition by just altering the pulse sequence
  • Watts bath type with simple handling requirements, already adjusted for pulse plating
  • Excellent coating microhardness of about 550 HV
  • Proper bath agitation is required
  • Knowledge based definitions of the pulse sequence for best results
  • Technical realization even in existing plating lines
  • Easy to perform bath analytics

High-Tech surface finishing for highest demands!
A broad field of high precision and high performance applications for tool, machine and electronic industry can be optimised.

The inventors:
This process is based on the inventions and patents of Dr. Peter T. Tang, Prof. Dr. Per Möller and Dr. Henrik Dylmer, a research group at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and is represented and adapted in Central Europe by Happy Plating.

Practical Example: Homogenous galvanic deposition:

In comparison to DC-processes the thickness distribution of the deposited layers can be crucially improved. This way, homogenous coatings on complex tools and parts can be easily realized. The built layers provide a high surface hardness and excellent corrosion resistance.


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