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Numerical Process Simulation


Cell Design

  • Fast computer simulations replace time-consuming „trial and error“ experiments
  • Save material costs and eliminate scrap by closely meeting specifications
  • Superb deposit homogeneity due to a high throwing power even at complexly shaped parts
  • High flexibility due to a modular structure enabling to custom-fit the software
  • Industrially proved process in several applications in the field of surface finishing
  • Optimization of all galvanic depositions, pulse plating processes, anodizing, electrolytic etching and continuous strip plating
  • Allowing innovative process development and reduces time-to-production
  • Easy to use and clearly structured user interface
  • Production of dense, stress free alloy layers using pulse plating
  • Suitable for all tasks in industrial production as well as for research and development
  • Integration of the exact cell geometry, shieldings and auxiliary electrodes
  • Calculation of the influence of the electrolyte flow on the galvanic deposition
  • Computation and accuracy may be adjusted to accommodate the customer needs
  • Results are the current / potential distributions, the deposit thickness distribuation, the fluid flow field and the concentration profiles
  • Consideration of the electrode kinetics and mass transport control
  • Simulation of real cell geometries via cross section analysis and three dimensional axi-symmetric cells
  • User-customizable database of the chemical and physical properties of the most commonly used electrolyte systems
  • The software is specifically designed and optimized for PCs running under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT and XP
  • Automated generation of all required input process parameters with the L-Cell, only taking minutes of measurement

High-Tech surface finishing for highest demands!

 The base program can be adjusted to your needs by adding optional modules. Among others these options are available:
  • Fluid flow including agitation, translating and/or rotating electrodes, fully integrated with the electrochemical simulator
  • Multiple electrode reactions (alloy plating, gas co-evolution)
  • Corrosion and cathodic protection
  • Film covered electrodes (passivation, anodizing)
  • Resistive deposit including barrier layers (anodizing)
  • Battery/fuel cell simulation - under load
  • Reel to reel (continous strip) plating
  • Moving boundaries for simulating electroforming, electro-etching and electrochemical machining (ECM)
  • Pulse and Pulse Reverse Plating
  • Variable kinetics along electrodes

More about Cell Design

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